Dove’s My Hair, My Say Gallery A Showcase of Empowered Women and their Hair Stories

Have you ever heard other people say your hair doesn’t suit you? Or your hair is too short, too curly, too vibrant or too distracting? More often than not, women are afraid to go for the hair style they want because of the fear of what other people might say. These judgments often hold us back from showcasing our real personalities and enjoying our hair the way we want to.

But what if Dove tells you it’s time to say no way to all that?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Dove recently launched the My Hair, My Say Gallery to showcase portraits of real women from different walks of life, with diverse hair stories.
These women have each gone through their own share of moments of feeling judged and misunderstood for their hair choices. At the My Hair, My Say Gallery, Dove presents how these women respond to the naysayers and encourage other women to be bold and fearless just as they have been.

The women featured in the exhibit included Michelle Castillo, who, despite working in a corporate environment, flaunts her vibrant hair, freely expressing her creativity in the workplace. Also included in the exhibit were portraits of Darla Mamuyac who loves to show her adventurous side, by experimenting with several cuts and styles - even to the point of going bald, and content creator Teena Arches refuses to stick to the ordinary, keeping her hair colorful just like her personality despite often unkind comments on social media. These women exemplify how it is to truly break free from the stereotypes attached to our hair.

Through the exhibit, Dove encourages women to pursue the hair they want without the fear of judgment, and at the same time, without the fear of damage. Dove featured their full product range at the event, which are formulated with Dove’s best care for damage-free hair.

With this exciting campaign, Dove tells women to wear their hair confidently and proudly wear their beautiful hair, their way. No matter what anyone might think or say, just remember: “My Hair, My Say”.

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