Hair has always been the hardest for me. Naturally, I have jet black thick curly frizzy hair which led me to getting rebonding treatments, Brazilian blowout and everyday flat ironing just to keep my hair tame and presentable. Nothing has ever really worked for me so I almost give up changing my hair style. I was too lazy to bother. Until that time when my boyfriend decided to get me a Korean inspired look with bangs (WATCH IT HERE:
I fell in love with my look and I wanted to maintain it. So after all the treatments I received from random salons, I finally decided to go to a professional Korean Hairstylist to see what they can do to my hair.

I visited the Tony & Jackey West of Ayala branch last October 5 for a hair checkup. I said I wanted to achieve healthy looking hair that looks permanently blow dried. The Senior Hairstylist – Mr. Dave, did a quick check on my frizzy damaged hair, and recommended that I get a Rebonding Perm (Rebonding + Digital Perm) Mucota Dyna/ SNB-3 + Mucota Scena Clinic (Treatment).

1st step is AIRE 02 – Emollient CMC Shampoo Aqua
They use a shampoo with CMC Amino element that maintain moisture to prevent dryness and maintain hair softness.

2nd step is Ethos - Aftercare for chemical treated hair
It breaks down remaining hydrogen peroxide and removes it to prevent damage.

3rd step is BRAVA – Repair damaged hair and keep better condition
It contains 5 kinds of hair repair elements to repair various damages.
After treatment Mucota Dyna was applied to rebond my hair. It is very popular in Korea and widely used by your favorite celebrities.

4th step is Calore – Protect cuticle and get healthier hair
Calore repairs cuticle damage to keep penetrated repair elements, and improves beautiful luster.

5th step is ADEL – Moisture base before treatment
It keeps necessary moisture inside damaged hair, and creates best hair condition before treatment.

6th AIRE 04 – Veil Mask Treatment Aqua
Mixture of Honey with CMC and Jojoba oil that has emollient to improve hair texture and give the hair moist and silky texture.

My hair has never been more light and vibrant. I finally achieved the Korean hair of my dreams thanks to Bangs by Tony & Jackey.

They have an ongoing ULTIMATE MUCOTA PROMO for only PHP10000 (save 33%) so you too can finally achieve the hair of your dreams!

I will also be uploading a vlog on our youtube channel – YOUTUBE.COM/WEDUET so you can fully understand the process.

I also have a special treat for you guys. Just present this coupon and get a free PHP500 Cash voucher + Free Hair Keratin Treatment worth PHP1,500.

Bangs Prime Salon by Tony & Jackey West of Ayala branch is open from 10AM-10PM. Look for Mr. Dave to get the same treatment that I got. You can also follow their official accounts:

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