Curtismith’s Axe You Word Shop: Unleashing Creativity


Spoiled. Reckless. Entitled.

Those are just a few words thrown around to describe the new generation. Although, nothing could be further from the truth as proven by a new league of young creatives. Driven and passionate, Gen Z’s define their own path, and write their own story as they veer away from conventional norms. They thrive on the freedom to create and express themselves, in spite of preconceived notions and what the older, supposedly skeptical generation might think of them.

Axe sees potential in this new generation, and aims to inspire them to work on their talents and skills. As the No. 1 male fragrance brand, Axe’s mission is to champion the individuality of every man by encouraging them to embrace their unique style. Now with the newest scent, Axe You, the brand takes things a step higher by helping men ignite their passions, work on their skills and show the world that they’ve got what it takes.

Last February, Axe launched Project You, a series of masterclasses as a creative way to inspire the new generation to work on their talents. The first masterclass hosted by Chef Nicco Santos was called Innovating Traditions and taught participants to inject their soul into every dish they created. The second ambassador, Curtismith, followed Chef Nicco’s lead.

The rapper, singer and songwriter was barely out of his teens when he released his debut mixtape, Ideal, in 2015. Since then, he’s led a flourishing career in the hip-hop and confessional rap scene. So far, he’s released three EPs, starred in a commercial, and collaborated with the likes of Kiana Valenciano and Noel Cabangon. He’s definitely one of the icons of this generation, which is why his masterclass was such a hit with youngbloods.

Last April 21, Curtismith hosted his masterclass called Word Shop. As a way to drive his students to work on what they've got, he shared the story about how he first started in the industry by forming his identity and working on his lyric and music-writing. With him was guest Serge Gabriel, a spoken word artist. They did an impromptu cipher demonstration to get the students hyped up for what was to come - the challenge.

Their challenge was to write a verse about working on their talents despite the hardships. The beats were provided beforehand and the participating Gen Z’s were given one full hour to write. Once they all finished, they went up to the stage to perform their verses. It was quite a difficult deliberation for the judges because every performance was a showcase of each individual’s talent and style. In the end, Curtismith chose Stephen Lim because of his creative writing and technical abilities.

Stephen Lim will go on to produce his song with his newfound mentor. He will also get to perform his new single with Curtismith in his upcoming gigs.

Axe believes #YouGotSomething. Work on it. There are two more masterclasses left in the lineup, one led by street artist Jappy Agoncillo and the other by filmmaker Gino Santos. Interested? Learn more and sign up at

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