Lemon Sand: Holiday Vacation Outfit Ideas + GIVEAWAY

Holiday Season is here! Aahhh, my favorite time. 

Everyone seems to be much more present during the days nearing Christmas. We try our best to give back to the less fortunate, reunite with loved ones, and spend more time at the church. The love, the food, the music... oh don't cha with it's Christmas everyday?

Apart from Christmas, the days nearing the end of the year gives us the chance to look back. 
Was it fruitful? Was it difficult? Where did you spend most of your time? Was it truly happy? Did you achieve most of your goals? Is it what you hoped it would be?

No matter the answer, you must be grateful. Grateful that you are still here. Alive. If you are reading this, continue to live. Live the dream you seek. Reward yourself with an item you've always wanted, or better yet, reward yourself with a quaint vacation with the people who appreciates you.

Remember that your holiday vacation doesn't have to cost you most of your annual salary. The miles, the view, the photos.. it doesn't matter. What matters most is that you're with the people you treat as family.

(LemonSand.ph swimsuit, worn as top, Zara jeans, Babe About Town bag, H&M boots, House of Chokers hoop earrings)

Holiday came early for me! I've always wanted to shoot a lookbook in the streets of Intramuros. Good thing I have the most awesome set of friends who helped me achieve this set of photos, including a lookbook video that you can watch here - http://bit.ly/LemonSandLookbook 

For this lookbook, I collaborated with Lemon Sand PH to show you how to style swimsuit for your holiday outfits. What I love about wearing swimsuit for travel is that they're crease-free and they're easy to dry, so you can wash and wear!

Another thing is that Lemon Sand swimsuits are already padded so I don't have to think about wha bra to wear! Might as well use that luggage space for all the shopping I will be doing, haha!

I'm so in love with this top. Just look at the flare cuff detail! I paired it with my trusty skinny jeans and thigh-high boots for a model off duty look.

I can imagine myself in this outfit walking around Paris or Rome.

(LemonSand.ph ruffled swimsuit, worn as top, Thrifted cap and pants, Babe About Town bag)

Have you heard of the travel tip - "Wear colors that matches the palette of the place where you're going"?

Following this tip, I can imagine wearing this look walking around the streets of Seoul or chasing cherry blossoms in Japan.

(LemonSand.ph polka swimsuit, worn as top, Penshoppe skirt, Thrifted coat, H&M boots)

Another trick to make your travel outfit stand out is to layer. You can find the perfect coat to match your outfit pretty much anywhere! It doesn't have to cost a lot, I scored this coat from a local thrift shop for only P200!

A trick to styling a skirt for winter, is to pair it with some thigh-high boots or stockings. 

(LemonSand.ph swimsuit, worn as crop top, Zara jeans, H&M boots, House of Chokers hoop earrings)

My most favorite tip when it comes to styling for travel, is don't be afraid to repeat items!
For this look, I'm using the same jeans and the same thigh high boots!

Last travel tip! Try to incorporate accessories from that place or country to your overall look. This hat is from one of the vendors roaming around Intramuros.

(H&M top, Thrifted pants, Skechers shoes)

For my travel tip, make sure to wear pieces that are lightweight and comfortable enough so you can freely tour around the area.

If you want more travel tips, or if you're still preparing your outfit for that perfect Holiday getaway, you should totally drop by at this year's Blogger's United! We'll be selling preloved items from dresses, coats, streetwear finds, bags and shoes, at affordable prices!

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