We Filipinos, are always in the look out of new ways to make memories last.
I doubt that no family in the Philippines doesn't have photo albums stacked up in antique cabinets. We document every defining moments in our lives. From birth, to our school graduation, weddings, birthdays, and now we've come to a time where every second gets recorded or photographed.

Look at how we mimic our poses! haha

Here's a modern take on the old school photo albums and framed portraits.
Since most of the millenials now, wants every part of their life to be aesthetically pleasing, this innovative wallpaper can be the latest addition to your instagram-worthy room!

is a local business that provides this latest wall decors. They also make other gift ideas. But these wall decors are selling like hotcake! Go get yours now! Check them on Facebook and Instagram.

There are 12 patterns you can choose from

We filmed our unboxing and tutorial, watch the video here:

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