Wrangler FW17: 70 Years of Iconic Wrangler

7 decades of producing perennial fashion, 7 decades of catering to the wandering spirits.
Join Wrangler as they celebrate their 70th year in the industry with a global advertising campaign and fresh anniversary collection; inspired by their iconic, revolutionary denim and authentic retro looks that took the 1970s by storm.

Obsessed with these chain sunnies we made last minute for the event. Who wants top cop these?

Wrangler was the definitive denim brand for teenagers back in this style-setting decade; so their anniversary collection has been artfully inspired by the brand's notable archive finds-- reinventing the most popular '70s style for today's young spirits with a passion for life and all of its adventures.

Reviving the '70s era through retro-filled ambience and activities, Wrangler unveiled the '70s collection last August 24 at the Green Sun, Makati. It was a nostalgic night of fashion, filled with rainbows, flares and the complete '70s package. The event was in partnership with Heineken Philippines, Lollipuffs Cotton Candy, and Fujifilm Philippines.



(With the squad @advocatepinoy , @nikkideasis @sepligero, @ronpaololuna ) 
Photos by @miccolosolis ; Edit by @roguejimenez

Honestly, this party has the best setup we've seen and we managed to achieve these rainbow roller rink inspired photos. 


Still, Wrangler continues to be renowned and praised for being inspiring, progressive and always in tune with the ever-changing needs of its fashion-forward customers.

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