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With skate brands like Supreme, Thrasher and Vans being the most influential in today's street wear scene, skate culture paved way to another upcoming trend - shoe-lace belts.

(Gold tip shoe-lace belts from AMS Clothing)

Shoe-lace belts were normally worn by skaters as a replacement to painful metal buckle belts, lately it has been seen on current runway collections from brands like Lanvin, Yohji Yamamoto, Off-White and Gosha Rubchinskiy.

(Custom made Greenery Weduetstyle tee from CustomThread)

If there's an accessory you need to stock up on for the upcoming season, its tinted sunglasses. Got these from a random kiosk at Makati Cinema Square for just 90 pesos. Can you say score?!

(You can also shop similar sunglasses from ZALORA.COM.PH Use code ZBAPROGUE/ZBAPMICCOLO for 15% discount)

Skate culture had its rise during the early 80s, so we opted for a more retro look.

(Mico's face when we find a location where the lighting's too good.)

Another accessory that you'll be seeing more of are these diamond fishnet tights. Bought these from a random kiosk at Farmer's Plaza. You can also shop similar tights from ZALORA.COM.PH

Use code ZBAPMICCOLO/ZBAPROGUE for 15% discount. 

(Custom made Canary Weduetstyle tee from CustomThread)

Lately we've been into searching recent hyped street wear drops and redesigning them to make it more personal. This one inspired by Purpose Tour merch.

We're planning to sell these weduetstyle tees we designed as part of our official merch. If anyone's interested in buying, email us at

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