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With the rise of early 2000s trends like track suits, tinted lenses and slogan tees, we copped another trend from the decade - graphic tee over long sleeves shirt.

Remember when you'd wear these and rock out to Paramore or My Chemical Romance? It certainly feels nostalgic. 

The modern way to wear this though is by layering it over a turtleneck top.

It's a style that can look good both on men and women.

(ROGUE top by CustomThread, Thrifted denim skirt, Socks by H&M, White sneakers by Skechers)

Tee inspired by metal bands era. 
Designed by We Duet. Made by Custom Thread.

If you have a habit of letting go of clothes, you may already have items to sport this look.
It's easy really, just choose your favorite vintage or logo tee and layer it over a long sleeve turtleneck top of the same or contrasting color.

(METRO MANILA top by CustomThread, Pants by F21 Men, Oxfords by PRADA)

If this style is too casual for you, you could wear a v-neck sleeveless sweater over your turtleneck top à la Heo Joon Jae to make it more formal.

Tee inspired by recent Yeezy and Raf Simons collection.
Design by We Duet. Made by Custom Thread.

What do you think about this style? Cop or Drop? Wear or Tear?
Let us know in the comments!

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