Christmas Time Is Here | #AirAsiaPH #ThankYou

"Christmas time is here, families drawing near."

Christmas, every year, has always been a lavish and extensive holiday for us. We prepare ourselves for the salary bonus, the gifts, and the "aguinaldo", not to forget the feast! In other times we're swamped with all the preparations that we overlook the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is not about the material things, the decorations, who has the most extravagant holiday, who's best dressed or not. All these are just trinkets covering the true meaning of the holiday - and that is gratitude.

To appreciate the family and friends you've been with this year. To be thankful for all the blessings you've received, and to be grateful to everyone in every moment you encounter. Just like how this #ThankYou campaign video from +AirAsia has shown.

It's inspiring how a genuine smile and appreciation can transcend so much. This is why there is a saying, "Every day should be Christmas" - because it is every day that we need to be thankful and kind. Wouldn't it be terrific how many lives we can help if we are generous as we are during Christmas?

That bring us to another saying, "Every day is a time to give love, but Christmas is a season to give extra." There are multiple ways to give back this season. You could try visiting your barangay for ways you can help the less fortunate, ask a friend to recommend a charity for you or give a simple gift for the homeless you see on your way to school/work.

This year, apart from helping "K.I.T.S" ( Kind Initiative To Serve) collect unused toiletries to give to charities and street children, I prepared the gift of a lifetime for my family.

This year has been really rewarding for Mico and I, we collaborated with big brands we never thought we could get and we received support from our 900+ youtube subscribers, 15k+ instagram followers and 800+ facebook followers. Mico has been busy with his business and I have been busy with my modeling work.

Thankfully, through my modeling work, I saved up just enough money and I loaned a car. For my father, having his own car was his dream - and he did drive a couple of company cars from his former company and he even received a car for his last years of work. After his retirement, things did not go so well. We still have our daily needs along with mine and my siblings' school tuition, but we didn't have a regular income. As a result, we had to sell his car, and I gave up my studying so my younger sister can continue her college.

That time was sad, but that did not stop me from pursuing my other dreams. I worked really hard and I received multiple projects this year. Every project I did, I would save money and would give a percentage to my parents. One of the projects I did was so huge, that it was the amount a car down payment would cost. I did not think twice about giving it to my parents, and I did and it was one of the happiest moment in my life. They have always been there for me through thick and thin and I wanted to thank them for all the sacrifices they did. I now have a moment that I know will fuel me to do more for the rest of my life.

I hope this story brings you inspiration and even though you're gift wouldn't be as grand, I hope you continue to do what you love and work for the people you love. Inspire others and be grateful for the people you have in your life.

Lots of love and Happy Holidays! Spread the gratitude and love.

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