(On Ruth: Paradise IMF tee, AMS Clothing silk top, Thrifted denim skirt; Illumination sneakers; On Miccolo: HM denim buttondown, AMS Clothing oversized tee, Cotton On denim pants, Lacoste shoes)

The most instagram-worthy cafe is here! Finally had the chance to drop by Sunnies Cafe on a morning, two weeks after their opening. 

Interiors and exteriors are perfectly on point. The space is very welcoming and bright. As promised, it's a perfect place for millennials to hang out and collaborate.

We came a little over lunch time so there was no line and we were seated immediately. We ordered chicken and waffles, and their sunnies risotto. Service was pretty quick actually. It took them only five minutes to deliver all our orders. 

"I wanted to try risotto for the first time, so I ordered their signature risotto. It was very tasty and I finished it within minutes. Yah it's good but the serving size was too little for me. It didn't made me full. On the other hand, the Kimye milkshake was very creamy so it is a heavy drink. It was sweet and glorious, I loved it so much." - Miccolo

"I ordered the chicken and waffles, and a flat white because I need a energy boost on that day. I was heading to an ost recording after, which you can listen to HERE. The chicken was moist and yummy. They didn't have waffles that time so I got pancakes instead. Chicken and pancakes with honey is always a good pair for me in my opinion. The egg was kinda off, it was bland for me. All in all I liked the dish, but the serving was pretty small for me. The coffee - there's nothing special to it. My 3-in-1 coffee is better to be honest." - Ruth

The best thing about the place would be the exteriors. The windows gave a peek on what's inside the cafe, so it gave depth to our photos. The wall and the plants are also perfect for framing your outfit. 

A little tip: When it comes to taking ootd photos, you can research a little bit about the place your going and try to incorporate a part of your outfit/style with the vibe of the place.

SUNNIES CAFE is located at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.

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