Marina Seafood Restaurant

Hey guys! We're back with a new restaurant review. This time it's focused on hearty Filipino meals.

When we go out, we always try to eat somewhere new. We love going to Japanese or Korean restaurants just so it can give us the feeling that we are in another country.

But if we want to try food specialties of what the Philippines has to offer, we try to go to restaurants that is true to their roots - like Marina Restaurant.

Marina is a restaurant famous for their fresh oysters, seafood and authentic Ilo-ilo dishes.

We went to their newest branch at Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. The place is huge complete with function room and an acoustic stage that we overused (Footage on our youtube soon!).

It was a rainy afternoon and they served us their newest caldo-soups for warm-ups.

Buko Batchoy - PHP199

Our favorite out of the three Buko specials.

Buko Binakol na Manok- PHP199

Similar to tinola but red bell peppers and potatoes reminds us of pizza.

Buko Molo - PHP199

Yummy molo with shrimp!

Their Buko Caldo broths are made from fresh coconut juice served in a buko bowl. It might sound a bit weird but the buko broth is the best I've ever tasted. It's like a Filipino version of a ramen soup.

Each Buko Caldo is fit for 2 and is priced at PHP199, but you can have it for only PHP99 with a discount flyer. Hit us up of you want one!

For the main meal we had their Bagoong Seafood Paella and KBL soup. Which is a perfect match!

Bagoong Seafood Paella - PHP350

Bagoong rice was delicious. Not that salty but very flavorful. Shrimp and squid is cooked just right and lechon kawali is crispy! 

Kadios, Baboy, Langka soup - PHP299

It's similar to Sinigang in taste but with an Ilonggo twist.

Of course our trip to Marina would not be complete without trying out their seafood dishes!
Here comes the appetizers/pulutan perfect for beer pairings.

Marina Fish and Chips with Aligue Sauce - PHP249

Ruth's favorite. Crispy delicious fish paired with crunchy eggplant chips dipped in aligue sauce!

Longganisang Pusit - PHP299

We're kinda scared now thinking what too much aligue sauce can do to our BP haha! But this one's too delicious not to try!

Crabby Patty - PHP149

We've only seen crab cakes in michelin star restaurant features on TV, so this one is like a dream come true.
First time to try crab cakes and this three are divine!

Usual price is PHP149 but they have an ongoing PHP99 promo together with their famous baked oysters!

 Muks Kawali - PHP350

Good for sharing. Crispy and tasty!

Marina Inasal - PHP125

I swear this is the juiciest, biggest squid we've ever tried.

Of course, this trip would not be over without their famous Marina platter!

For only PHP999, you'd get their famous juicy Marina Steak and Baked Oyster Tahong!

Best in the city!!

We've always seen oysters in movies, tv series (hello Arya on GOT!)  and how they eat them fresh so we had to try it!

Fresh bucket of oysters for only PHP399!


Famous flavored halo-halo for only PHP79!

This one's strawberry flavored. They change flavors every month!Smooth, creamy and tasty! Very refreshing and not too sweet!

Bukayo - PHP79

You might cringe thinking how sweet this would be but its not. We ended up finshing the platter in just seconds!

Marina has plenty more Filipino dishes to offer and we can't wait to go back! Just writing this post makes us want to go back! Till our next trip!

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