Our New Favorite Cafe (and Interior Finds): Coffee Project

It's cozy season again, and we've found the perfect place to make you next "COCOL" a little more bright.

Located at Wil Tower, Eugenio Lopez Drive, QC, Coffee Project is a breath of fresh air in this hectic and crowded area. The exterior of the cafe caught us and it immediately reminded us of Korean coffee shops.

The MENU is not the usual. Food and drinks are the most hipster you can find. They offer cookie shots, Japanese cakes, croissants, pies, coffee, tea and cold drinks. Most of which you can't find in a single coffee shop. Their cuisine includes Continental, European and Asian treats. 

My favorite drink is their Matcha Latte. In their menu, they only offer it as a frappe. I requested if I can have it hot, and they gladly obliged. Was a bit surprised too when my order came because it comes with a chewy white chocolate cookie! - Ruth

For lunch, I ordered their best-selling sardine pasta. No wonder its a crowd favorite, it's one of the best tasting pasta I've ever tasted! I literally kept myself from ordering another one! - Mico

If you're looking for a heavier meal, they also offer All Day Breakfast and other dishes we still have to try! All at an affordable price.

Aside from the good food and drinks, what really takes Coffee Project into a whole new level is the cafe's aesthetic.
We're getting multiple vibes from the interiors. The flowers makes us feel like where in the most famous flower gardens of Europe, the writings on the wall takes us to the most hipster cafes in Seattle, and the wooden furnishings looks like we're inside a cafe from a famous K-drama.

What's cool about the Coffee Project's interiors is that everything you see can be bought from ALL HOME. So if you love the wooden furniture, the floral chandeliers or the grass wall, you can find it on sale. You can also borrow anything from the shelves and use it to create the most perfect flat lay. Or maybe even stage a photo shoot!

It's the perfect hangout place for your friends and family! Tag us online if you decide to visit the place. We'd love to see your experiences.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.

Wil Tower, Eugenio Lopez Drive, Diliman QC

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