We Duet Fashion: Styling Joggers

(On him: Comme Des Garçons Play White heart patch shirt, AMS Clothing Black joggers, Nike Air Jordan One; On her: H&M Cotton shirt; AMS Clothing Black joggers, H&M Leather ankle boots.)

(Photography by Austhon Solis)

Who says joggers are only for lazy days?  Here we show you how to wear them differently to make them look street-style ready.

We're wearing plain black joggers from our favorite local street brand, AMS Clothing. They have different jogger styles that you really have to check out.
Time to gear up for the rainy season too!
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These joggers are actually unisex, so girls, you can totally raid your boyfriend's or brother's closet for this look. Top model "it" girls CaKe (a.ka. Cara and Kendall) are now wearing joggers for their off-duty looks. Check out photos here.

We paired them with simple white cotton shirts, 'cause we love all things basic in black and white. #BasicPH

Our take on couple dressing is to not actually wear the same thing. Gone are the days of couple statement tees. Today's generation are more playful and trendy when it comes to dressing up with their partner.

Both of you should agree on a style you feel like wearing that day (ex. street, hippie, preppy, etc.) or choose colors that will compliment each other.

(Black leather woven bracelet from Singapore; Leather strap watch from Lacoste)

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